Fund For Green Values

The Fund's Mission

Fund for Green Values is a § 527 Political Action Committee (PAC) promoting the election of candidates who support protection of the environment.

The Fund recognizes that this can only happen if issues like global warming and climate change, fracking, air and water pollution, erosion, drought, glacial melting and fossil fuel dependence are part of the political debate.

   Making ballot access in Pennsylvania more accessible to minor parties is the major goal of the Fund in the foreseeable future.  The Fund supports the Voters' Choice Act (VCA) which will change party qualifying requirements  from tens of thousands of signatures to a reasonable percent of registered voters.   Were this the current standard the three smaller parties in Pennsylvania would be on the ballot.

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Challenges for Independent Campaigns

Equal Ballot Access

In Pennsylvania we know immediately that this Ms. aspires to a Libertarian, Green, Constitution or independent candidacy.  Next election she'd need 62,510 signatures.  A major party candidate needs but 2,000.

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